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It can also be host to a great number of European establishments, along with the Belgian federal government, the government of the Flemish Community and the government of the French Community. Brussels also has many commuters, with 230,000 coming from Flanders, and one hundred thirty,000 from Wallonia. Much of the success of Brussels is based on the excessive educational skills of its workforce. As of July 2012, nonetheless, the statistical unemployment price in Brussels was 20.6%.

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The first documented use of the Flemish lion was on the seal of Philip d’Alsace, depend of Flanders of 1162. As of that date the use of the Flemish coat of arms (or a lion rampant sable) remained in use throughout the reigns of the d’Alsace, Flanders (2nd) and Dampierre dynasties of counts. The motto “Vlaanderen de Leeuw” (Flanders the lion) was allegedly current on the arms of Pieter de Coninck at the Battle of the Golden Spurs on July eleven, 1302. After the acquisition of Flanders by the Burgundian dukes the lion was solely used in escutcheons.

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It is a very unimportant language that just about no one speaks and even the Flemish don’t all the time understand eachother due to robust native dialects. If I had to choose a language to raise my youngsters I would choose French, it opens up a larger world to them then Flemish ever could.

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I’m a fellow Brit and have lived in Belgium (each in french and flemish speaking, non-expat areas) for the last 20 years. The nation is complicated but the persons are great the countryside is gorgeous.

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